5 Great Range Hood Designs to Complement Your Kitchen Cabinetry

5 Great Range Hood Designs to Complement Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen range hoods, contrary to popular belief can be greatly customized according to the kitchen décor. It may not be the focal point of your kitchen but it still can be of a great visual appeal and add to the overall kitchen décor. Hoods, naturally, are an essential component of any kitchen and you can easily make them complement your kitchen cabinetry design. And in this blog, we shall be talking about this very topic.

Before opting for a customized hood, let us talk about why kitchen cabinets make us easy to invest less in them and thus more in the hood design. Kitchen cabinets are available at affordable rates and in a large variety. This allows you to choose a cabinetry design that suits your style perfectly. Once you have taken care of such discount cabinets, you can move on to your range hood design.

Here are 5 range hood designs to complement your cabinets:

Stone Hearth for vintage white cabinetry

A bit expensive, opting for a stone hearth for your hood leaves no stones unturned to make your guests impressed. Stone has always been respected as a great home décor aspect, not just in the kitchen but anywhere in the home. It gives the whole kitchen a very vintage appeal. You can further complement it by opting for rustic textured beams.

5 Great Range Hood Designs to Complement Your Kitchen Cabinetry
5 Great Range Hood Designs to Complement Your Kitchen Cabinetry

The vintage white discount kitchen cabinets are perfectly showcased against the rustic backdrop and turn your kitchen into one from the 18th-century castles.

Cast stone hood for white shaker cabinetry

While the stone hearth design mentioned above has the natural “uneven” stone finish, the cast stone hood design provides for a more subtle and plain finish which goes great with white shaker discount kitchen cabinets. This design makes the kitchen resemble one from the pristine Victorian homes. Simple, elegant and stylish. Get your hands on a chandelier (based on the size of your kitchen) and opt for yellow lights to complete the royal look.

Fireplace mantle hood for mystic white cabinetry

As the name suggests, such a hood represents white Georgian architecture and looks more like a fireplace mantle from a classic English novel. Simple, elegant and classy, they are one of the best options for a range hood design. In order to complement the paneled mystic white cabinets, and to add more to the overall design, go for the millwork paneling of the hood as well. Too complete the look, opt for pendant lights hanging from the center of the ceiling or over your kitchen island.

Mystic white discount cabinets add to the illusion of space in your kitchen. And along with your charming white range hood add to the pristineness of your overall kitchen décor.

Wood hearth range for cherry wood cabinets

Just as it is with a stone hearth hood, this style has the same finish only that in spite of stone, wood is used. So, while the style gives the vintage appeal, the sleek wooden finish shows off a modern touch. However, if you want you can opt for a texture of the wood that complements the vintage look as well.

Along with cherry kitchen cabinets, the whole area looks a farmhouse kitchen décor. You can even opt for open shelves on the two opposite sides of the range to store small kitchen essentials like cookbooks, etc. This further brings in more storage utility while spreading the vintage vibe.

Scooped-out hearth style for any kitchen cabinetry style

The structure of such a hood basically is merged with the walls of the kitchen so that the hood hearth is made to appear as if scooped out of the wall. This decreases the use of space and thus adds to the overall openness of the hood range area. Even the corbels seem to be out of sight.

Be it for white cabinets or cherry wood cabinets or any other cabinet style, this hood style goes perfectly well. And this is what makes it a very popular choice among many homeowners.

End Words

The above 5 points show how you can have a range hood design that complements your style of discount cabinets. Doing so not only makes the hood a part of the kitchen décor but also helps in reflecting your own style.

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