Benefits of eProcurement in Government

Benefits of eProcurement in Government

eProcurement is a digital purchasing and supply chain management system that streamlines procurement processes and promotes transparency, efficiency, and cost savings. Private sectors have already accepted eProcurement. It has also gained significant momentum in government procurement in recent years. There are so many benefits of eProcurement in Government.

The estimated annual government spending of $9.5 trillion, or approximately 34% of the global GDP. This significantly impacts both domestic and international economies. It is clearly in the best interests of

taxpayers and donors to ensure that this spending is efficient, transparent, and represents good value for money.

EProcurement in Government has numerous benefits, from increasing competition and reducing procurement costs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key benefits of eProcurement in Government.

Why Is An Eprocurement System Important For A Government?

Implementing ICT, specifically electronic procurement (eProcurement) modules of the FreeBalance Accountability SuiteTM, can significantly improve transparency. This system also boosts efficiency and effectiveness in public ownership. eProcurement is especially advantageous for emerging economies and developing countries.

Transparent procurement procedures can help governments and taxpayers allocate resources more efficiently. It provides services by increasing competition, higher quality procurement, and budgetary savings.

The e-GP System works in two stages. These stages are-

e-Tendering System: This system Covers complete eTendering processes such as centralized user registration, Annual Procurement Plan (APP) preparation, BidTender document preparation, Bids/Tenders preparation, invitation of Tendesr, sale of Tender Documents (eTD), conducting online pre-bid meeting, bidder security collection, online BidTender submission, Bid opening & evaluation, negotiations (where applicable), and contract awards.

E-Contract Management System (e-CMS): It encompasses all eContract Management procedures, such as drafting and submitting a work plan, establishing milestones, tracking and monitoring progress, producing reports, doing quality checks, generating running bills, vendor rating, and issuing a completion certificate.

What Are the Advantages of Government eProcurement?

There are numerous advantages to using procurement in Government. Using such a system can improve government performance and country growth by:

1. Lower Purchasing Costs

Government eProcurement automates the publishing of government bids on websites that provide suppliers with search and alert capabilities. The Government can save between 5% and 30% of its budget. Moreover, eProcurement broadens the range of government procurement options. This results in more bids.

Tender printing is being phased out in favor of eProcurement. This saves millions of dollars in printing expenditures each year—savings from additional advantages associated with invoicing range from $10 to $70 per government transaction. Decreasing process cycle times of 20 to 40% improves government efficiency.

Data analysis of government expenditure provides for cost savings through spend analysis. The greater the number of people who utilize the system, the more real-time data on purchasing behaviors can be collected and used.

eProcurement analytical reports aid government agencies in refining their public procurement strategies. It helps to attract more competitive bids.

2. Better Value For Money

Elevating government procurement costs’ quality may seem daunting, but eProcurement systems can make it a reality. By implementing this digital solution, governments can improve their value for money. Achieving value for money involves balancing economic, efficiency, and effectiveness metrics. This approach considers whole-life costs, risk mitigation, quality, and cost. All these measures are described in detail to bidders, and the formulas used to calculate the value for money. There have been cases where the value of money has increased by up to 38%. E-procurement is a game-changer in providing transparency, efficiency, and cost savings.

3. Reducing Corruption

Corruption is estimated to cost 5% of worldwide GDP or $2.6 trillion US dollars. It needs to be included that more than $1 trillion in bribes are paid yearly. This accounts for 10% of global business expenditures and 25% of procurement contracts in developing nations. It has been shown that moving business from a low-corruption country to a medium- or high-corruption country is comparable to a 20% tax on the foreign enterprise.

4. Increased Government Trust

Governments worldwide are experiencing a rise in transparency, operational efficiency, and better service delivery. This is happening due to individuals and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) pushing for more accountability and less corruption. CSOs such as Transparency International, International Budget Partnership, Publish What You Fund and Natural Resource Governance focus on promoting transparency and accountability in public procurement. Public procurement transparency is critical for increasing trust in Government and ensuring national stability. The PIM research emphasizes transparency and well-governed institutions throughout the investment cycle.

5. Reducing Aid Transaction Cost

International aid provided to many countries is often delivered outside of their systems. It leads to increased transaction costs and reduced aid coordination. The Paris Declaration and the Accra Agenda for Action call for “country systems” used by international donors, particularly indicators 2 and 5, in aid delivery. Deploying aid through country systems, including procurement, reduces aid transaction costs and facilitates procurement reform. This leads to better aid coordination and more efficient use of resources.

6. Growth Of Small And Local Businesses

The public sector is often a key market for small enterprises. That’s why strengthening general procurement methods by reducing barriers and encouraging SMEs’ involvement is a primary goal.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are projected to account for almost 86% of job possibilities in emerging nations. Government procurement automation delivers substantial economic advantage to contractors due to the shorter procure-to-pay cycle.

International competition may be introduced into marketplaces using eProcurement.Governments routinely employ public procurement to reward, promote, and otherwise sustain local Businesses. Several governments, particularly those in wealthy nations, have implemented programs to assist SMEs. 8 SMEs obtain 23% of all federal government contracts in the United States.

7. Enhanced Tax Compliance

There are countries where many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are unregistered. Large government contracts can incentivize them to formalize and become registered. Transitioning to formal businesses improves economic and employment stability. It also expands the country’s tax base. The Government usually underserves the informal economy. This expands opportunities available to successful entrepreneurs and SMEs through policies that help them develop. It also allows them to compete in the formal economy. It is a critical step to closing the gap between the productive and unproductive sectors of the economy.


In conclusion, the benefits of eProcurement and government procurement reform are a boon to businesses. It also adds significant economic value. Lowering costs and streamlining processes, electronic workflows, and better accessibility ensure the completion of procedures in less time. Additionally, it enhances efficiency for suppliers and governments alike. BDTender offers best e-GP training with best experience. With eProcurement’s potential, businesses can thrive and flourish, and governments can become more effective in meeting the needs of their citizens.

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