How to Make a Milkshake without a Blender

How to Make a Milkshake without a Blender

We don’t know about you, but milkshakes are a childhood favorite of everyone that no one really outgrows. It’s the ice cream dessert that goes well with a burger and fries. Blenders are commonly used to make milkshakes. However, Blender is not always accessible. That is why we have created this post for those times when you need to learn how to make a milkshake without a blender.

Milkshakes are a refreshing summer delight. It’s a shake made using ice cream and milk instead of fruits and ice. When you put ice cream and milk in a blender and turn it on, the blender quickly breaks down the thick ice cream and uniformly blends it with the freshly added milk to obtain the thick consistency. Extra ice can be added at intervals to keep it chilled.

If you feel that a blender is required to make a thick milkshake, you should reconsider.  To prepare a tasty milkshake, we have a simple cooking approach that only requires an ice cream scoop, a glass, a spoon, and some ice cream and milk.

Tips to Make a Milkshake without a Blender

The steps for making a milkshake without a blender are really easy. The steps are described below-

1. Defrost the ice cream

There are two simple ways to defrost your ice cream, especially if it was just taken out of the freezer. One approach is to allow time and our naturally warm weather do the defrosting process. You’d be surprised to know that it doesn’t take as long as you think it does.  A  1.5-liter tub can melt all the way through to the middle in about an hour, making it simple to scoop.

The second procedure leads to uneven thawing but is significantly faster. Cook for 7 to 10 minutes on the “Defrost” option in the microwave, depending on the capabilities of your oven. Typically, this approach starts the melting process from the exterior. The ice cream around the borders may melt entirely before the middle softens enough to scoop.

2. Place ice cream in a glass

To fill the glass with ice cream, use a spoon, an ice cream scoop, or whatever you have on hand. For the time being, fill the glass about 3/4 full for a thick milkshake. (Use a bowl instead if you want a super thick milkshake that will put your sipping skills to the test.)

3. Pour in some fresh milk

Add a liquid to your milkshake to make it easier to mix and turn into a milkshake. Even a small amount of fresh milk will help to transform the ice cream into a mixture that can be slurped through a straw. Depending on the consistency you want, you can add as much or as little milk as you like.

4. Take a spoon

Before taking a spoon, let your glass of ice cream and milk sink into the gaps left by the ice cream. A large spoon with a narrow handle is ideal for this since it can better go around the thick glob of ice cream. These spoons are ideal for stirring coffee and serving desserts. That’s why, it’s a great reason to get one, and it’s also ideal for stirring ice cream into a milkshake.

5. Continue to stir

The most difficult task is mixing the ice cream and milk in the glass. You have to break into the ice cream mounds with gentle stirring. It’s simple if the ice cream was thoroughly thawed, and in a minute, the ice cream will melt and mix with the milk you added. If you want an extra, super thick milkshake with little to no milk added, make it in a large bowl.

6. Top with mix-ins and a straw

You can simply add a straw before serving. However, you can also make it into cookies and cream milkshake by stirring in crushed chocolate cookies, a rocky road milkshake with cashews, chocolate syrup, and tiny marshmallows, or a sundae by topping it with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top. If fresh fruits aren’t available, make it fruity by stirring in your favorite fruit jam.

If you want to make quick chocolate syrup for your milkshake then you can combine pancake syrup or honey and cocoa powder in an equal parts ratio.  You have to stir until it’s completely blended and then you can use it just as required.

This easy milkshake recipe does not require the use of a blender.  However, you could surely use the blender, but if you don’t want to get it out and wash every component of it, this easy technique of preparing a milkshake is using the steps we mentioned above.

Is it possible to save my leftover milkshake?

You certainly can. Leftovers will never be as good as a freshly mixed shake, but freezing anything, you can’t eat works perfectly.

If you want to save some of the freshly mixed shakes, put it in the freezer right away. You can freeze it in a lidded mason jar, leaving some space at the top for expansion.

As the milkshake rests at room temperature and melts, additional ice crystals form as it re-freezes. These ice crystals spoil the smooth texture of a homemade milkshake. Another factor to consider is food safety, which implies that frozen items should remain frozen.

When the re-frozen milkshake comes out of the freezer, it will have the consistency of stiffer soft-serve ice cream. It can be eaten immediately with a spoon or softened at room temperature for fifteen minutes. Stir it all together and dig in. Even after re-freezing, higher-quality ice cream keeps the smoothest texture.

Toss any leftovers and do not freeze again after taking the frozen shake from the freezer. To summarize, you should freeze just once.


Milkshakes that don’t need to be blended like syrups or extracts, or ingredients that can be chopped or smashed by hand, like candies and cookies, are the best to make with a blender.

However, if you’re creating a classic milkshake with simple ingredients, you can create it without a blender. In this post, we detailed how to prepare a milkshake without a blender as well as how to make a simple milkshake more appetizing. Yes, as always authority lifestyle helps you like this heck.

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