Modern Bathroom Design Ideas in 2021

Modern bathroom design ideas

The bathroom design ideas can play a significant role in converting your unhappy mood to a contented one and uplift your spirit to fancy the time. But to know about the modern bathroom design ideas, it is important to know the measurement of the bathroom. The design of the floor, door, window, and cabinet should be chosen according to the measurement. The length, breadth, and height should be known while measuring.

Taking a shower to release tension and tiredness is the option that people tend to do after a hectic day. Without the bathroom is well decorated and beautiful it is quite hard to do that. Here we will give you some great bathroom design ideas from flooring to walls, windows, and doors that could change the look of the bathroom and the impression of the house too.

First of all, we are going to give some amazing ideas on bathroom flooring. Some common types of flooring in modern bathroom design ideas are:

  • Solid hardwood flooring
  • Engineered hardwood flooring
  • Marble tile flooring
  • Limestone tile flooring
  • Travertine tile flooring
  • Ceramic tile flooring
  • Porcelain tile flooring

The details of the above-mentioned flooring are given below:

The flooring of the Bathroom

Different types of flooring will enhance the beauty of your bathroom. To know about modern bathroom design ideas you need to know about flooring first. You can choose any of the flooring designs that will go with your house.

Solid Hardwood flooring

As the name implies, the solid hardwood flooring is made from a single piece of wood. Because of the presence of a large amount of wood, it is strong and durable. Solid hardwood flooring can be refinished and sanded many times which is the major advantage of this type of flooring. If someone is looking for a more classic look then it will be the best option. Initially, it was used for structural purposes and the design was quite straightforward but now there are varieties of designs available to choose from.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Solid Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

In modern bathroom design ideas, you will find lots of flooring ideas. one of them is engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring is partially man-made, that is, these are not grown naturally like solid wood. Although both look similar. The engineered hardwood flooring has a relatively thin layer of hardwood, so on top of the existing surface, they can easily be fitted. The advantages of these types of flooring are that – they are stylish, have more temperature resistance, and will add more value to your house. Well, there are some disadvantages too. Like-core construction is of low- quality, high maintenance is needed and on top of that, they are not moisture-proof.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Solid v/s Engineered Hard Wood Flooring

1.            Solid hardwood is more expensive than the engineered hardwood flooring.

2.            Solid hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished many times in its life span, which cannot be done in the case of engineered hardwood flooring.

3.            Solid hardwood is stronger and durable than the engineered hardwood.

4.            The life span of solid hardwood is 30-100 whereas it is only 20-40 years in the case of engineered hardwood.

5.            The color variety is another advantage of solid hardwood which lacks engineered hardwood.

6.            The engineered hardwood is easy to install than the solid one.

7.            Solid hardwood is easy to repair.

So, if you have more budget then you can definitely go for solid hardwood flooring because it has more sustainability than the engineered hardwood. But, if your budget is low then you should choose the latter one because it looks the same and the installation is easier.

Marble Tile Flooring

Because of the ability to hold water at bay, marble tiles are magnificent for bathroom flooring. It will instantly upgrade the essence of a bathroom because of its uniqueness. Each marble tile is different from the other naturally. Due to the polished surface, they look more attractive. The maintenance of a marble floor is easy while the installation is quite tough. The cost to install a marble tile is more, so if your budget is low then marble tile may not be the option. Marble tile can get a scratch easily but the repairing is easy as they are natural stone.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Marble Tile Flooring

Limestone tile flooring

In limestone tile, the beauty lies in its diversity. It is also a type of natural stone like marble tile. Limestone floor tiles will add more value to your bathroom. Because of the appearance and texture, the limestone floor tiles will be an excellent choice for bathrooms. The main disadvantage of limestone is that it is heavy, so professional installation might be required. For the same reason, transportation can also be tough. Another disadvantage is that they are more susceptible to scratches.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Limestone Tile Flooring

Travertine tile flooring

This is also a type of natural stone. It is the oldest building material. Modern travertine bathroom designs are the most popular idea among people. Because of lower cost, appearance, and durability travertine tile is mostly chosen. On top of that, it adds real estate value. But having the modern travertine bathroom designs are not cheap, it’s going to cost a person more than other natural stone tiles. Again, this type of flooring is slippery and may require periodic sealing. It can allow penetration of the liquid because of the presence of microscopic pores. But with the modern travertine bathroom design, your bathroom will have a more classic look. Travertine tile has some top brands, these are-

(a)          Polished: As the stone is polished the tiles look very glossy in this classification of travertine tile. To resist stain it will be best, but when wet will be slippery.

(b)          Honed: It is lightly polished but it still has a matte finish and is slippery like the polished one.

(c)           Tumbled: It has an antique look with round corners and edges. For heavy-use floors, this type of tile is not very practical.

So, a person can have any of them to have the modern travertine bathroom design and have a more sophisticated look.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Travertine Tile Flooring

Bathroom Remodeling with Ceramic Tile

Because of the durability and easy maintenance ceramic tile is often chosen. Ceramic tile is also more versatile that is, the design option is more. Again if a person wants to change the look of the bathroom from ceramic tile to any other tile, removing ceramic tile from concrete floor is also easy. But that won’t be necessary because there are varieties of colors like- brown ceramic floor tile, green ceramic floor tile, and many other options which will look more elegant in a bathroom. One of the disadvantages that ceramic tile has is the harder surface. It will be easy to clean and maintain but will be tougher to stand on.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Ceramic Tile Flooring

Travertine Tile Vs Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile flooringTravertine tile flooring
Ceramic tile is cheaper.Travertine tile is expensive
It is easy to clean and maintainBecause of the roughness, it is harder to clean and maintain.
Ceramic tile is not that weather resistant.Travertine tile is more weather resistant.
This type of tile is not as valuable as the travertine tileAs the travertine tile cannot be made from synthetic materials, they are more valuable.

If you are confused about which design to choose. Whether to go for a modern travertine bathroom design or the ceramic design, you can look at these differences. This will help you out to choose a design.

Porcelain tile Flooring

Porcelain tile is a kind of ceramic tile but it is stronger, harder, and more durable. It needs lower maintenance and has more water resistance. They have a variety of designs too. The disadvantages that make people move from installing this type of tile are that they are heavy like the ceramic tile and slippery. The installation is also not that easy. Though porcelain tile is more costly than ceramic tile, the quality is better.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Porcelain Tile Flooring

So, the question may arise which type of flooring is best for a bathroom? The answer would be “it depends on the design of your house and also the size of the bathroom”. Ceramic tile and porcelain tile will be better for both smaller and larger bathrooms. But for a bigger bathroom, a modern travertine bathroom design will be the best option. Although it is totally up to a person which design to choose.

We have discussed the types of flooring and hope that is going to help you remodel your bathroom flooring. The second most important thing in the bathroom is its door. Most people don’t give much attention to the door types. But choosing the right door for your bathroom will surely upgrade your restroom. We will now give you some idea about door types. The most popular types are discussed here:

Types of Bathroom Doors

The type of door installed in a bathroom will change the look of the bathroom. There are several options for doors in modern bathroom design ideas. You can choose any of the door design below and can make your bathroom have a more sophisticated look.

Sliding Door

Sliding doors are mostly used to have a ravishing look in the bathroom. Both glass and wood can be used for sliding doors. People think that big panels are hard to slide but that’s not true. The operation of the sliding door is easy. For sliding glass doors it is necessary to use a plastic window kit to keep the cold air out. They don’t take much space in the bathroom when they are open. But they are hard to maintain and clean.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Sliding door for bathroom

Fiber-glass Doors

For most homemakers, this is a convenient and reliable solution. To cope up with a modern design this is the best choice. These types of doors are also cheap.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Fiber Glass Doors for Bathroom

Panel Doors

These are the most common type of doors. You can find it everywhere. Panel doors have a typical square or rectangular-shaped pattern. These types of doors are popular among people because they match any kind of home décor and are also versatile. There is also a glass panel door that has a piece of glass in the panel.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Panel Doors for Bathroom

Frosted Glass Doors

They are commonly used in bathrooms and showers. This type of door will maintain your privacy as well as give an airy, open, and spacious feel. There are varieties of frosted glass doors, you can choose any of the designs you like. This can also be opened and closed in different ways.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Frosted Glass Door for Bathroom

French Doors

Though they are a great choice for the living room, they can also be used in the bathroom to have an elegant and spacious look. This will allow the natural light to enter the bathroom. For a classy look, a French bathroom will be a great choice.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
French Doors for Bathroom

Pocket Doors

Back in the day, they were very popular. But now they are the ideal choice for a small bathroom. Pocket Doors will give you valuable floor space. So, if you don’t have much space around then pocket doors will be great.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Pocket Doors for Bathroom

 These are the most popular modern bathroom door design. To enhance the look of your bathroom you can choose any of the designs described above.

After having the perfect door design, homemakers look for the perfect window for their washroom. The features that people mostly look for in a bathroom are- proper ventilation, the entrance of natural light, proper privacy, etc. Keeping these things in mind we will present here the most amazing types of windows that will match all the criteria.

Types of Windows

 In modern bathroom design ideas next comes the type of windows. There are different types of windows to use in a bathroom. We will discuss the most popular ones. These are-

  • Sliding windows
  • Casement windows
  • Skylight windows
  • Hopper windows
  • Texture glass windows.

The elaboration of these types might help you chose the correct one.

Sliding Windows

To have the perfect balance between privacy and functionality then a sliding window will be the best choice. The operation of a horizontal sliding window is simple. They deliver decent efficiency, ventilation, and light which makes it more appealing. The sliding windows are a more affordable window style.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Sliding Window for Bathroom

Casement Windows

The casement window will be a great choice for the bathroom. While bathing lots of moisture is created for which nice ventilation is necessary. The casement window provides excellent ventilation. Also to get rid of the smell regular ventilation is necessary. The casement window will also help the natural light to get in, which will enhance the beauty of the bathroom. This type of window is also easy to operate and maintain. Above all, it is energy efficient.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Casement Window for Bathroom

Skylight Windows

Skylight is also commonly known as roof light. It is made of transparent glass. To get the best output of a skylight window it will be wise to keep the bathroom tiles and walls white. Because that would reflect the natural light and will brighten the bathroom. This type of window also provides great ventilation. The disadvantage is – this type of window doesn’t give the chance to upgrade both the interior and exterior at the same time.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Skylight Window for Bathroom

Hopper Windows

To save energy and maintain security most people choose hopper windows. The air leakage rate is lower in the case of hopper windows. They are also used for their unique style and versatility. It will also control humidity, which will help you to get rid of the damp environment. Moreover, hopper windows are easy to install. The major disadvantage is that when they are open they accumulate more dirt and debris.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Hopper Window for Bathroom

Textured Glass Window

To have both the natural light and privacy textured glass will be the best choice. It is also known as patterned glass. It is a form of translucent glazing. Textured glass makes itself more attractive with all the decorative designs that it provides. The main characteristics of glass are heat resistance, pressure, and chemical resistance. The disadvantages of textured glass are-

1.            It is expensive.

2.            They are brittle.

3.            For earthquake-prone areas, they are not safe to use.

4.            Due to the alkali solution, they are corrosive.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Textured Glass Window for Bathroom

Bathroom Fittings and Fixtures

In this article on modern bathroom design ideas, we are now going to move to the most essential part of a restroom i.e. Bathroom fittings and fixtures. A bathroom is incomplete without the fittings and fixtures. The element of a bathroom which are permanent and is only plumed or wired in is bathroom fixtures. The fixtures of a bathroom are-

  • Toilet
  • Basin or sink
  • Shower
  • Taps
  • Bathtub etc.

Whereas bathroom fittings are fitted in addition to the main elements. They can be hung by a hook or screw. The bathroom fittings are-

  • Shower curtains
  • Soap dispenser
  • Toilet roll holder etc.

Bathroom fittings and fixtures:

Firstly, we are going to talk and discuss the bathroom fixtures. The explanation is given below:


This is the main element of a bathroom. Standard close and soft close are the two main types of toilet seats. There are also low-level toilets, wall hung toilets, closed couple toilets, etc. You should choose the design that suits your bathroom.


There are different types of designs for the basin of a bathroom. These are-

  • Full pedestal basins
  • Semi pedestal basins
  • Counter top basins
  • Wall hung basins
  • Inset basins etc.

According to the whole bathroom design the basin design should be selected.


Electric showers, mixer showers, power showers, digital showers are the most common shower types that will increase the beauty of your bathroom.


Nowadays people mostly use mixer taps for the bathroom. Mixer taps are obviously amazing. But they cannot be used for any bathroom design. Other types of taps can go with your bathroom design very well. These are-

  • Pillar taps
  • Wall mounted taps
  • Floor mounted taps
  • Bath shower mixer taps etc.


To have a dedicated shower space and separate bathtub, now people usually separate the tub and shower. We have listed the bathtub options for you. These are stated below:

  • Alcove tubs
  • Free standing tubs
  • Hot tub
  • Japanese style tubs
  • Built-in/ Drop-in tubs
  • Walk in tub

Now, let’s come to bathroom fittings. We have mentioned earlier the type of bathroom fittings. We will now know about it elaborately.

Shower curtains:

Before buying shower curtains you should see if the fabric will go with your bathroom or not and also look for modern bathroom design ideas to have the best one. There are different types of shower curtains. Such as-

  • Cotton shower curtains
  • Decorative shower curtains
  • Vinyl shower curtains
  • Microfiber shower curtains
  • Hook less shower curtains etc.

Soap dispenser:

If you don’t want the old-fashioned bars of soap then a soap dispenser is for you. The soap dispenser will make your bathroom look sophisticated and classy. The type of soap dispensers that you can use in your bathroom is-

  • Pump dispenser
  • Wall mounted
  • Sink mounted
  • Disposable, counter top model
  • Refillable, counter top model
  • Electronic dispenser
  • Counter top model
  • Wall mounted
  • Sink mounted
  • Shower mounted

Toilet roll holder

There are several types of toilet roll holders. The most popular ones are given below:

  • Suctioned
  • Mount type
  • Free standing
  • Tank mounted
  • Wall mounted

These are almost all the things that you need to know about fittings and fixtures while designing a bathroom. Now we should give you some idea about the cabinets too. Cabinet completes the design of a restroom. This might be the last thing you think about but it is one of the most important things to increase the beauty of the washroom. There are various types of cabinets. Some of them are discussed in detail below.

Types of Cabinets for Bathroom:

Cabinets increase the beauty of the bathroom. This helps a person to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. There are several types of cabinets to choose from. We will discuss some of them.

1.      Flat Style Cabinets:

For a fuss-free elegant styling flat style cabinets are a good option. They are simple but make the bathroom look nice. They are usually made of wood or budget-friendly laminates. Flat-style cabinets also offer a wide range of colors.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Flat Style Cabinets for Bathroom

2.      Louvered Style Cabinets:

Louvered-style cabinets have a slatted construction. The slat in the cabinets never overlap, they are placed next to one another which allows enough ventilation. Some homemakers prefer this type of design. Louvered-style cabinets will also add value to your bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Louvered Style Cabinets for Bathroom

3.      Inset Style Cabinets:

In the construction of the inset style cabinet precision craftsmanship is required which makes it different from other cabinet designs. These types of cabinets are the most expensive ones. But if you can afford it, it will last forever because of the amazing construction. As opposed to any home decor theme, these are found in traditional and transitional-style homes.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Inset Style Cabinets for Bathroom

4.      Metal Style Cabinets:

If you want to give your bathroom a modern, retro, and industrial look, metal-style cabinets are the best to achieve that. On top of that, it will give your bathroom a fresh and new look. Just by upgrading to a metal-style cabinet, you can take your bathroom to a whole new era.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Metal Style Cabinets for Bathroom

5.      Custom Style Cabinets

Custom style cabinets will allow you to choose your design according to space. If you have a small bathroom you can just customize the design according to your need. This will offer you uniqueness.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Custom Style Cabinets for Bathroom

The things discussed above will help you to design your bathroom nicely. There are also some things apart from these that you need to consider to have a relaxing environment. These are:

Spa Facility:

The inspiration to make a toilet-like spa-style is taken from luxurious hotels and salons that offer the ability to forget all of your tension and revel in. Be inventive with coming up with a restroom that may assist you to fancy a master bath with a luxurious feeling. It’s necessary to include restroom style to make a positive aura within your home. The spa style can increase the wonder of your restroom in each sense.


The wallpapers are the best and easiest method of coming up with bathroom design ideas to create your home look a lot luxurious. Just in case you do not have enough budget to make your mind up regarding costly instrumentation or objects in your restroom, then wallpapers match the proper profile.

The wallpapers are available in totally different varieties and with different themes, which might consequently make the adorable atmosphere.

The wallpapers contain themes that are obtainable for toilet styles corresponding to floral print, graphic prints, spirited colors, patterns, mural prints, 3D wallpapers, and several others. As you have got to embellish your restroom, then you want to be disquieted regarding its improvement. Well, with wallpapers you may be able to clean and keep your house tidy with the sensation of luxurious style.


The lighting plays a vital role because it reflects the magic of coming up with. Your restroom may be a personalized house, which implies you’ll install the lightings in step with your selection, and boost the lavatory style.

The lightings should match the color of the wall, which can increase the wonder of your restroom and can replicate colors otherwise.

The lighting impact plays together with your mood and builds a positive aura around you. Vogue your restroom with designed tiles in colors that blush after they match to lightings. Additionally, add some plants and outsized mirrors, and conjointly trendy fixtures.

Separate the Shower Area:

It doesn’t matter if you have got a tiny low house or huge space, as separating the shower space can continually boost the appearance of your bathroom design. You’ll place your shower house strategically to spate the realm during a luxurious means. Vogue your restroom by inserting the shower space specifically designed during a corner and therefore the basin area ought to be designed outside of the shower purpose. Style the shower separation a part of the lavatory with clear crystal glass with a designed house to keep your necessary belongings there.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas in 2021
Modern Bathroom Design Ideas in 2021

Even if your restroom solely has an area for a tiny low shower, you’ll be able to still create its feel and appearance luxury. Take, let’s say, this one designed by Romanek style Studio. To create a contemporary look for the bathroom sleek matte black glass enclosure with the baby blue Celine tiles are a great choice. A floating bench adds each formal and useful price, too.

Music System:

The most luxurious means of loo style is inserting a bathtub of a special vogue. In modern bathroom design ideas incorporating the music system in your restroom to fancy the long relaxation tub is the best way. Produce a master tub with totally different alternatives of the bathtub, and relax your mind with music.

Gallery Wall:

No space is simply too little for design. In fact, generally little areas are the proper places to show things on the walls since the vertical area is all you have got to indicate off your vogue. Galley fills your empty walls and makes a good impression in the other eyes.

Size of the Mirror:

A wall-to-wall mirror may be secure thanks to producing the illusion of roominess. Designed by Elizabeth Cooper, the lavatory boasts associate open and ethereal ambiance despite not obtaining ample natural light-weight.

Make certain every bit contains a purpose. Choose mirrors with drawers or shelves if you don’t want to go for a traditional medicine cabinet, or use your wall area to make cupboards. the colorful tangerine-painted cupboards during this restroom designed by etc bring out the orange undertones within the pink stone self-importance topper, which conjointly ties within the pink floor tiles and space furnishings.

We have talked about the bathroom design for houses but what about bathrooms in public places. Now we are going to talk about the bathroom design for commercial bathrooms.

Commercial Bathroom Design:

Back then, building owners choosing materials for the bathroom used to think of it as a strictly utilitarian space. Now they focus more on the bathroom design. Because the look and usability of the bathroom impact the whole design of the building. So, designing the bathroom cannot be neglected. As we have mentioned earlier all the things about designing a bathroom from doors to windows, cabinets, fittings, etc. It is also the same for the commercial bathroom. But while designing a commercial bathroom some elements should be kept in mind. These are:

(a)        Universal design

In commercial and hospitality restroom design, the universal design trend is leading the way. It aims to create a space where all the people are welcomed regardless of their age and ability.

(b)          Sustainable design

For a sustainable design, the materials should be chosen carefully. The materials with more durability should be selected. Also, water-efficient fixtures should be taken into considerations.

(c)           Vandal resist design

There is a lot of wear and tear in a public restroom. By using vandal resist fixtures, the commercial bathrooms will look nice instead of use or abuse.

(d)          Hygienic design

The washroom should be clean and tidy. Materials that are easy to clean should be selected. A clean bathroom leaves a great impression on the whole building.

In commercial bathroom design, these four things should be taken into considerations. This will help you to make your restroom beautiful as well as sustainable.

End words

The bathroom is an essential part of a house. It influences the design of the whole house. It’s quite hard to choose the perfect design. We have tried our best to supply you the information about modern bathroom design ideas. This article might help you design your whole bathroom and make it look elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful.

How to make a bathroom look modern?

The modern bathroom designs are simple in looks. They are clean, tidy, and quite straight designs. Do not use any designs that don’t go with your bathroom. Whether it is a door, flooring or window use the simplest one to make it look more elegant.

How to decorate a small bathroom?

colors of the bathroom play a very important role in this case. Keep it light. You can go for a glass shower door. You can use multiple mirrors but if it is too small it will be wise to use only one. Keep proper ventilation. Use the simple type of cabinet, door, and window.

Which one is the most relaxing color for a bathroom?

The color of a bathroom changes the whole look of the bathroom. If you choose a dark color, It will not look very good in a bathroom. People often tend to look for lighter colors. Sky-blue, light pink, white, these are the best color to have a relaxing environment.

Are travertine tiles good for a bathroom?

Travertine tile is the smartest choice that you probably going to have for your bathroom. It is mostly chosen for its look and also easy maintenance. They will make your bathroom look sophisticated and beautiful.

Which is the best window for a bathroom?

A window is one of the most essential parts of a bathroom. It ensures proper ventilation. The design of the window depends on the design of your bathroom. Mostly sliding windows are used by people. But skylight, hopper, textured glass also looks very good according to your bathroom design. To have a natural look people normally use skylight windows. But for an elegant look textured glass window is the best of all.

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