Quality Spray Gun Can Makes Your Walls Beautiful

Quality Spray Gun Can Makes Your Walls Beautiful

Beautiful walls are an essential part of your home decoration. A quality spray gun can make your walls beautiful. Many of us never think about quality spray guns. But if you need smooth and silky walls, you must use quality spray guns.

The spray guns, if they are in good condition and extraordinary results are suitably used to provide uniform and smooth finishes unobtainable with other painting techniques surfaces.

The problem comes because there are many people who do not do any tests before starting the actual work or bother to understand how the tool they have in their hands works before pressing the trigger.

For this reason, many fans get poor results and lose faith in the team or are reluctant to use it.

So that this does not happen to you and you do not make basic mistakes, we are going to tell you some things that you have to know before using your new paint gun.

How A Quality Spray Gun Works

As you know, the paint is liquid, more or less thick. What the paint gun does is turn it into small fine drops, as if it sprayed paint.

This process allows us to apply a thin uniform layer on a large surface in a very short period of time.

The spray gun uses compressed air to atomize and throw the paint in the direction we want and in a constant and uniform way.

To do this, you need two ducts, one for the air intake and one for the paint outlet.

The trigger is connected to both so that, when activated, the air inlet and the subsequent paint output occur.

As we commented, the paint guns turn the paint into thousands of small droplets that you have to know how to handle so that the finish is what you expect.

Important Factors of Spray Gun

The deposit of the gun is a factor to consider because it will allow, depending on its shape and design, that you can work with your gun in different positions or always have to do it horizontally.

The best models allow working very close to the ground or above the head, allowing flexibility and more natural movements when painting.

The cover through which the air enters will have precise perforated holes that will have a very measured pattern so that the atomization of the paint is better when applying the paint.

Depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, the tip through which the paint in the tank will be sucked will be more or less large depending on the viscosity of the paint used and the capabilities of the machine. In some models we can change it depending on the type of paint we are going to use.

When the paint gun trigger is pulled, the air valve opens slightly and begins to move the paint by passing it through the atomizer and by passing it through the paint outlet duct.

The deeper we press the trigger, the more paint will come out of the nozzle. As we press the trigger further, the volume of paint that will come out will be greater and, therefore, more air will be required to atomize the paint and move it.

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Maintaining of Spray Gun

The cleaning of the gun is essential for proper operation and so that it is not clogged with dry paint in successive uses.

The paint gun is not difficult to use, although it requires some practice and we recommend that you test it on a scrap surface before applying the paint to your final work so that you learn to use it without problems since it is very different from the use of brushes and rollers.

The three most important factors of spray guns for making beautiful walls:

Quality Spray Gun
Quality Spray Gun

Air pressure: The pressure at which air will enter your gun will be determined by the tool you have. Use the one recommended by the manufacturer for each moment. The more pressure, the more spray paint, but the area may “overspin” and “orange peel” effects may occur on the surface of the painted area because there is too much paint. So, test and monitor this parameter.

The size of the fan: The fan is used to control the width of the spray pattern of the paint on the surface. As a general rule, most prefer to use a wide range, although you have to keep in mind that, in the end, the amount of paint distributed will be less.

The paint flows: In modern paint guns the paint flow is usually adjustable and you will have to adjust it depending on the type of specific paint you are using. Once you have adjusted it, if you always use the same paint type, you will not have to adjust it again.

As we have said, these adjustments have to be made but the real secret of the success of using a paint gun lies in preparing the paint and firing test patterns on some surface to test. This surface can simply be the area you are going to paint but is covered with paper. That is, play a little with the gun and ensure an excellent painting experience.

How To Paint By A Spray Gun

It is time to paint. The first thing you have to do is cover with the bodybuilder tape or any other system, the parts you want to protect from the paint. Depending on the paint job you are going to do, this part may or may not make sense.

If you are going to work outdoors, choose a day in which there is no wind since the small drops generated by the paint gun can end up on surfaces that you do not want to paint.

The next thing is to mix the paint properly so that there are no groups left and the mixture is as homogeneous as possible. A solid element in the gun can jam its mechanism or distort the painted pattern.

When you have the paint mixture ready, place it in the tank according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the paint gun and place the air compressor.

The idea that you have to have in your head is that you have to apply thin layers of paint without repeating areas so that the surface is evenly painted. To do this, sweep the surface to be painted from side to side with the gun, covering the entire width of the surface, and move a little beyond the edges to make sure you reach the end of the surface.

In each subsequent sweep, overlap only the minimum to prevent space remaining between each pass.

Once finished, you will have to clean the gun to prevent the paint from drying in the tank or in the air chamber. Just as you clean the brushes or rollers when you paint with it. The gun is especially important so that the airflow in future uses of your paint gun is not blocked.

End Words

A quality spray gun is essential for making a beautiful wall. The beautiful wall is an important part of a beautiful home.

We should use quality spray guns and maintain them properly.

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