Plans for Remodel Your Kitchen in 2020

Plans for Remodel Your Kitchen in 2020

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Here we are sharing our knowledge on how to plan for remodel your kitchen in 2020.

Organic, clean, warm, open, functional and, above all, with all the utilities and the setting of a work area that is also social.

These are basically the six elements that 2020 brought to the design and decoration of the kitchen, which in the last decade ceased to be an isolated space that was intended only for cooking and located an auxiliary dining room to eat daily food together with the family.

“Today’s lifestyle has made the kitchen an open space, which is the heart of the home, where the family gathers to cook, chat and socialize with friends and relatives when they have their guests or events,” says the interior designer. Zac, owner of Renovation NYC, a renovation company based in New York.

“That is why, nowadays, families are looking more than anything else for a kitchen that is designed and decorated in a multifunctional way, instead of looking just pretty, because what they want is to be efficient when it comes to cooking; as well as being able to socialize with your guests at the same time that they attend to them “, adds the 35-year-old designer.

And making clear the concept of current cuisine, the native of El Salvador goes on to describe the decorative trends that this year brought to this place of home.

Full integration

2020 kitchen renovation and decoration are more versatile and flexible. They incorporate spaces in such a way that it is possible to work with efficient movements so as not to waste time and it incorporates a bar or a central island that is used as a table, either as a work table, study and social interaction zone.

Marble for a clean, linear finish

Plans for Remodel Your Kitchen in 2020

The trend this year is to create a space that looks spacious and clean with a rather linear design and the use of organic materials, such as marble and wood, for its decoration.

Marble is what defines the kitchen of 2020. Its slabs are being used on the counter tops of the central island and the counters, to give the most spacious visual illusion; as well as in the back splash and the walls, but in the form of tiles that can be square, rectangular, round, triangular or hexagonal, depending on the decoration.

“Marble is a very clean stone that gives the decoration structure and a very organic setting,” highlights Zac. “And the good thing is that some companies are now creating a material that looks like this, but is much stronger, less porous and very easy to maintain.”

The use of marble in 2020 is such that even culinary and decorative accessories for the kitchen were made from this material.

With Neutral colors

Plans for Remodel Your Kitchen in 2020
Plans for Remodel Your Kitchen in 2020

The 2020 kitchen is defined by furniture and cabinets in white or gray, or made of wood. “These colors are being used because, like marble, they give amplitude and clearly outline the architectural design of the kitchen,” explains the interior designer, who has won several awards and recognition for his creations.

Wood, in its most organic state, is also being used a lot this year.

“The trend is to combine it with black marble that has golden or beige veins that match the tone of the wood being used,” says Zac.

It is also being used as an accent, as to create a wall with the “Chic Wood” style or a “butcher’s table”, integrated into the assigned area for chopping food to cook.

And continuing with the main concept of spaciousness, the counter tops of the central island and the counters can be made of wood (in the style of the butcher’s table) or in concrete that is treated in the desired shade.

Good lighting

Since the goal is to create a visually spacious space, lighting plays an important role in the design.

Custom Kitchen Design
Custom Kitchen Design

“The modern kitchen has LED lights, direct and indirect, which are more efficient in light and energy consumption and come today with a warm light,” says the renovation professional. “And it also combines one [but of great dimension], two or three pendant lamps on the central island, if one has one.”

Silver and gold accents

As it has been used in the decoration of a few years ago, household appliances, dishwasher and kitchen accessories are used in stainless steel or in a copper tone, as well as in the so-called “rose gold”, which is very attached to this year.

Open shelves

Although many prefer cabinets with wooden doors, the current trend is to use those with glass or glass door designs or simply create open shelves, in the style of industrial kitchens, made of good wood.

“The current idea is to expose the dishes and other kitchen utensils, which come in fun designs and give mobility to the place,” says Zac.

An extractor hood insight or not

Among this year’s decorative trends for the kitchen is the use of an extractor hood with a very linear and light design, whether in glass, stainless steel or aluminum.

“This is used in large kitchens, but the current big trend is simply not to use it because technological and design advances have created the ‘down draft ventilation’ system, which is like a type of vacuum cleaner that is placed in the same place as the [range top] mount stove to keep smoke and the smell of food from underneath “, explains the design professional.

End Words

The kitchen is the place that reflects your home. It is one of the most comfort zones in your home. That is why you need a beautiful and customized kitchen. In this article, we tried to show you to plan your kitchen remodeling.

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