Resin Bound Patio outside

Resin Bound Patio outside

A Resin Bound Patio is ideal when you want to lay a (new) pavement outdoors. Not only does it have a beautiful and natural look, but it is also an environmentally friendly solution when you choose a water-permeable variant.

Below we give you more information about the possibilities of an outdoor Resin Bound Gravel Patio and why it can add value to the environment of your home. Interested in placing it outside?

Resin Bound Patio for outside, what is that?

A Resin Bound Patio that has been installed outside consists of dried small stones or granules that are bonded with an adapted binder or synthetic resin. This mixture is then spread over the paved surface. After about 4 hours, it can be walked on easily outside (at 20° degrees).

You can create a Resin Bound Patio with all kinds of stones, such as Terraced. This is a water-permeable system of bonded aggregates for outdoor and is ideal for driveways, garden paths, surfacing around pools and trees, etc.


Concretely, Terraced consists of 3 types of systems:

  1. Terraced Strong is ideal for outdoor Resin Bound Patios such as garden paths, around trees, etc., which are not used to be driven over by vehicles. Terraced Solid must be used for this.
  2. Solid is mainly used for Resin Bound Patio where a heavier load is expected such as parking lots, driveways, etc.
  3. Terraced Splendid is a water-permeable finishing layer that is used on Resin Bound Gravel Patio where yellowing should not occur. Just think of terraces, balconies, around swimming pools, etc.

Why install a Resin Bound Gravel Patio outside?

Why should you choose a Resin Bound Patio? Placing a (water-permeable) Resin Bound Gravel Patio outside has many advantages.

Durable & long life

An outdoor Resin Bound Patio is a hardwearing and durable pavement. The lifespan of it is approximately 30 years. In addition, a water-permeable Resin Bound Gravel Patio is a more sustainable, nature-friendly, and environmentally conscious solution than standard pavements such as tiles, clinker, concrete, etc.

Very easy to maintain: weed-resistant and freeze-thaw resistant

An outdoor Resin Bound Patio does not require much maintenance. You can easily clean it is with a high-pressure cleaner. Moreover, it is done with the growth of moss or weeds on the pavement around your house. With a Terraced Resin Bound Gravel Patio, weeds cannot grow from below, making it a good weed-resistant solution.

A Resin Bound Gravel Patio is also very resistant to high and low temperatures. Because it is freeze and thaw resistant, it will survive a harsh winter unscathed and you don’t have to worry about slippery spots.

Water permeable

When you choose a Terraced Resin Bound Patio, you always enjoy a water-permeable system. This has the advantage that rainwater is collected and buffered on-site and will slowly drain into the soil. As a result, no puddles remain on your outside and you prevent flooding during heavy rainfall.

Various applications

You can install it outside for many applications, such as:

  1. driveways
  2. Garden paths
  3. Around swimming pools
  4. Balconies
  5. Terraces
  6. Around trees

In addition, a Resin Bound Patio can be installed on top of different surfaces as long as it is stable enough. If a water-permeable outdoor Resin Bound Gravel Patio is chosen, the substrate must of course also be water-permeable.

Water-permeable pavement: colors & design

When installing a water-permeable Terraced pavement, you can choose from 10 different colors: Castle Grey, Beige, Taunus, Light, Light Grey, SR, Labrador, White, Terraced, and Nero Blanco. So you are guaranteed to find a color that matches the rest of your home.

Modern: our cold colors Labrador, White, Nero Blanco, Light Gray look great in a modern, sleek or industrial environment.

Rural: does your house have a rural character? Then choose one of our warmer mixes from Beige, Taunus, SR.

Other: if the style of your home does not really fit in the modern or rural setting, it is best to choose from our colors Castle Grey, Light, and the spicy rust-brown Terraced, which offer a wide range of options.

Resin Bound Patio price

It is difficult to give a target price for an outdoor Resin Bound Gravel Patio. The final cost will mainly depend on the surface, thickness, and color. You can count on a price that fluctuates between 40 and 75 euros per m², incl. VAT and installation.

TIP: the price can also differ from craftsman to craftsman. Do you want to quickly and easily compare prices, but also materials and designs?

Method of Placing

Placing a Resin Bound Gravel Patio is quick. After about 4 hours your driveway, terrace, garden path, is already walkable. Do you want to be sure of the maximum lifespan of it? Then call on the expertise and experience of a recognized professional. It works as follows:

Prepare substrate

You can place a Resin Bound Patio on concrete, clinkers, tiles, asphalt, or stabilization sand. The professional ensures that the surface is stable and dry. In addition, he also applies an adhesion primer to that flat, form-retaining surface. Finally, the craftsman provides an edge of the Resin Bound Gravel Patio in concrete, bluestone, aluminum.

Smearing Resin Bound Patio

The craftsman mixes the stones and the PU resin with each other. He then spreads the mixture evenly over the desired surface. By the way, corners and round or irregular shapes are no problem, because it forms 1 seamless whole without differences in level.


If you wish, the professional can finish your terrace, driveway,  with a transparent PU coating with an extra wearing layer. This way, the outdoor floor is even better protected against harsh weather conditions and sunlight.


It is no coincidence that Resin Bound Gravel Patio is also on the rise outdoors. We briefly summarize the most important advantages:

Wear-resistant and resistant to weather influences: a Resin Bound Patio is extremely durable and therefore resistant to cracks and scratches. Freezing cold, high temperatures, rain, and wind also have no influence on this outdoor floor.

Maintenance-friendly: an outdoor Resin Bound Gravel Patio requires hardly any maintenance. You can easily remove dirt particles with a brush or the garden hose. You can also use a high-pressure cleaner for more stubborn dirt. Good to know: It is resistant to bleach.

No weeds or moss: with a minimum of maintenance you will not suffer from weeds or moss growth.

Permeable to water: The open structure of an outdoor Resin Bound Patio allows water to seep into the pores of the floor. This prevents puddles from forming in heavy rain.

Sleek, natural look: a Resin Bound Gravel Patio looks modern and provides a natural, stylish look to your terrace, driveway, walking path, etc. Moreover, you can determine the look yourself based on the size and color of the grains.

Fast installation: even with a surface with many corners, round shapes, or wavy parts, the installation of it is quick. In this way, you also save on the working hours of the professional.

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