Weird American City

Weird American City

After a bit of digging, we were surprised to learn how many American towns and cities with strange names there actually are! Have you been to Chicken in Alaska? How about Uncertain in Texas? Yes, we’re quite serious. Those are actual names of places in the USA. We don’t really blame you for not keeping up with the American towns and cities with strange names. It’s safe to say that we thought for a while that most of the weird city names in the world would be found right here, in good old America. While small towns with funny names may be one thing, there are certain inappropriate town names we’ve encountered as well (be assured, we haven’t mentioned any of them on the list). So, scroll down to check out our list of the American towns and cities with strange names that tickled our funny bones!

US Towns and Cities with the Wackiest Names:

You may be already acquainted with the most popular city names in the US such as Chicago or New York City. But did you also know there was a Hippo in Kentucky or Hell in Michigan as well? No, we’re not talking about animals or places-we-hope-our-enemies-end-up-in. These are actual city names in the US!

Weird American City
Weird American City

You should definitely visit one such place this vacation. How about boarding some last minute flights to visit and explore Mosquitoville in Vermont? We dare not wonder why that place is called so. But if you want more options, take a look at other such American towns and cities with strange names listed below.

1. Unalaska, Alaska

This is perhaps the saddest and worst city name as it seems to denote something negative about the place. However, there is no anti-Alaska meaning to Unalaska. The native Aleuts named the place Agunalaksh. The complicated spelling and pronunciation of Agunalaksh were changed and simplified to Unalaska.

2. Burnt Corn, Alabama

Cool city names in the world become a lot cooler if they have something to do with food. Burnt Corn is one such most awesome of the American towns and cities with strange names. The legend goes that the settlers and Indians both burnt each other’s cornfields. This fight culminated at the Battle of Burnt Corn, hence, the name.

3. No Name, Colorado

This is one of the funniest American town names ever. During construction of the Interstate 70, the developers left many exits unmarked. Exit 119 was christened “No Name” by a Colorado Transportation Department official who tried to improve the signs. The town has been known thus ever since! Wouldn’t you like to book business class flights to No Name?

4. Experiment, Georgia

So many of these American towns and cities with strange names would easily qualify as experiments themselves! Wouldn’t you agree? Well, Experiment in Georgia derives its name from the nearby Georgia University’s Agricultural Experiment Station. It doesn’t sound so unique now, does it?

5. Colon, Michigan

Weird American City
Weird American City

Fancy a visit to Colon, anyone? The official story is that Colon was named after some city in Panama. However, with Michigan also being home to places such as Flushing and Brown City, – anyone else sees a troubling naming pattern here? – there could be a few loopholes in the story. Notwithstanding, Colon could very well be one of the best family vacation spots in America.

6. Waterproof, Louisiana

Waterproof may not be as wacky as Colon when it comes to American towns and cities with strange names, but it is an offbeat name nonetheless. The story is that the original residents settled here as it was the only place that could avoid floods caused by the Mississippi River. They soon learned that being waterproof may not always be sunshine when vast amounts of crops were damaged due to famine in 2008.

7. Accident, Maryland

This name has got nothing to do with unfortunate collisions on the road. It’s just one of those small towns with funny names. The accident was named after two land surveyors showed interest in and claimed the same piece of land “accidentally” – i.e., without either of them knowing the other had claimed it as well.

8. Why, Arizona

Weird American City
Weird American City

Why, oh why, is this Arizona town called Why! Well, the reason is not nearly as interesting as the name itself. The story is that a “Y” intersection was formed by State routes 85 and 86 intersect. Since the laws in Arizona required city/town named to be at least three characters long, the founders of “Y” modified it to “Why.” Not as interesting as the other American towns and cities with strange names, is it?

9. Bald Head, Maine

Not to be used as an insult, this is another one of the most fascinating American towns and cities with strange names. The place is so-called after a cliff of the same name. Are you wondering if Bald Head Cliff looks anything like an actual bald head? Well, in case you are, it doesn’t. It still looks quite great, though and you should totally check it out!

10. Worms, Nebraska

How about you make those flights to the USA out to visit Worms in Nebraska? Thankfully, the name of this place has got nothing to do with the insect world. It comes from the German city of Worms which is actually pronounced Vorms – a popular nickname for an erstwhile Roman emperor.

11. Two Egg, Florida

This strange name came from a dark place, the Great Depression. The local tale talks about two boys who were short on cash. They used the barter system to buy sugar in exchange for two eggs. This became a common transaction in the town due to mass poverty. This led to the establishment being nicknamed Two Egg Store. Over time, the name caught on as travelers resonated with the story and spread the new name in other towns.

12. Loveladies, New Jersey

Loveladies is not a town filled with lovely ladies, sorry to disappoint. Instead, it was named after a man. There was a small island owned by Thomas Lovelady in the bay back in the 1870s. He named it Lovelady’s which acted as inspiration while deciding on a name for this town. This unincorporated community is situated on Long Beach Island.

End Words

These towns have quirky names but also are rich in heritage making your trip worthwhile. Have you decided which of these American towns and cities with strange names to visit first? Let us help you by throwing in a couple of more suggestions: Cheesequake in New Jersey, Butternuts in New York, Why not in North Carolina, and (we kid-you-not) Pee Pee in Ohio.

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