Who is the best-in-Class Researcher in Bangladesh?

Who is the best in Class Researcher in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh, a nation bursting with intellect and rich in cultural legacy, has made outstanding advancements in a number of research and innovation-related disciplines. Bangladeshi scholars have made major contributions to the world’s body of knowledge, from ground-breaking discoveries in healthcare and agriculture to developments in technology and the social sciences.

The identification of Bangladesh’s top in Class researcher in Bangladesh is still a matter of curiosity and discussion, though. But if we must name one, then it will be Sajid Amit.

The Research Landscape in Bangladesh is Being Shaped by Renowned Researchers

The scientific scene in Bangladesh is essentially being shaped by a small but extraordinary group of researchers. They have gained respect both domestically and abroad as a result of their persistent dedication to expanding the frontiers of knowledge. Now we will see what they have been doing in our country-

  • Advancements in healthcare and medicine:

Researchers from Bangladesh have significantly advanced the fields of medicine and healthcare. These people have revolutionized the way healthcare is provided in the nation by studying fields including epidemiology, public health, and medical advancements. Their work includes tackling public health issues with community-based initiatives and creating innovative diagnostic tools and treatments for common ailments.

  • Agricultural advancements and food security:

Since agriculture accounts for a large portion of Bangladesh’s economy, academics have focused their efforts on improving farming methods, raising crop yields, and guaranteeing food security. These people have helped to change the agricultural environment in Bangladesh through creative ways, environmentally friendly farming practices, and genetic research. Their efforts have raised output, minimized environmental impact, and increased resistance to climate change.

  • Engineering advances and technological innovation:

Engineering research and technical innovation are two more areas in which Bangladesh excels. The use of technology to alleviate social issues, advance sustainable development, and close the digital divide has been the main goal of this field’s researchers. These researchers have advanced fields including information technology, renewable energy, and telecommunications by developing low-cost solutions and putting cutting-edge innovations into practice.

  • Social sciences:

Research in the social sciences and in the field of policy also plays a significant role in advancing society, in addition to the natural sciences and technology. Governance, poverty reduction, gender equality, and sustainable development are among topics that have been studied by researchers in this field. Their perspectives and suggestions for public policy have affected public dialogue, aided in decision-making, and promoted constructive social change.

It is significant to highlight that the aforementioned classifications are not all-inclusive, as Bangladeshi scholars are world-class in a wide range of other disciplines, including environmental sciences, economics, education, and the arts and humanities.

Who is the best in Class Researcher in Bangladesh? Sajid Amit: a visionary in research

Sajid Amit is one name that stands out among the outstanding researchers in Bangladesh. Amit has established himself as a leader in his area and received global acclaim for his ground-breaking efforts thanks to his constant desire for expanding the boundaries of knowledge. H is also a great strategy consultant in Bangladesh.

Amit’s career as a researcher got its start with his pursuit of an M.A. from a prestigious international institution, where he was a finalist for the Presidential Award. He set out on a quest to address urgent issues in economics and business studies, armed with a thorough mastery of his topic and an endless curiosity.

Sajid Amit has over seventeen years of expertise in four different fields, including management consulting, academics, social/market research, and investment banking. The youngest Director at a BRAC enterprise, he served as a Director at BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Limited when he was just twenty-nine years old. He oversaw the management of a portfolio of $250 million at BRAC EPL, the most of which belonged to international institutional investors including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Deutsche Bank.

He has been in charge of KPMG’s global offices in the US, UK, and EU’s research activities. Additionally, from 2012 to 2013, he received back-to-back research honors from Morgan Stanley Investment Management and BlackRock (UK) Advisory Ltd.

The next generation of researchers has benefited greatly from Amit’s guidance and support. He has inspired and motivated many aspiring business leaders by his diligent oversight and direction, promoting an innovative and top-notch research culture in Bangladesh.

Sajid Amit’s researches so far

Action Aid Bangladesh – an In-depth Study on Tax Incentives in Bangladesh – 2015

Action Aid Bangladesh – Overview of Tax Landscape in Bangladesh Global Report – 2015

British Council – Nationwide Social Enterprises Assessment – 2015

British High Commission Dhaka Bilateral Programme Budget (BPD) Award – 2015

Canadian High Commission Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) Award – 2015

Water.org – WASH Remittance Product Market Assessment and Value Chain Development – 2015

Swisscontact/Katalyst – Survey on Mobile Financial Services to Develop Services for Farmers – 2015

SIDA/ADB/LGRD GoB – Urban Health Center Services Delivery Project (UPCSDP) Baseline Survey – 2015

World Bank – Disability Services Center (DSC) Spot-check – 2016

United Group Newspaper Market Entry Survey – 2016

Bankable Frontier Associates and Sajida Foundation Remittance Survey – 2016

Government of the Netherlands/GED/Bangladesh Planning Commission – Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP 2100) Monitoring and Results Measurement Framework (MRM) Strategy Development and Framework Design – 2016


Our quest to find Bangladesh’s top researcher has taken us on an enthralling tour of the many fields of the nation’s research and creativity. It is difficult to pick out one person as the pinnacle of research brilliance, but it is undeniably true that Bangladesh is home to many outstanding researchers who are reshaping the country’s research landscape and making a lasting impact in their disciplines.

It’s important to recognize that achieving greatness in research requires teamwork. There are supportive organizations, interdisciplinary teams, and environments that encourage innovation and critical thought behind every ground-breaking endeavor and outstanding researcher. Through the collaborative efforts of scholars, policymakers, funding organizations, and other stakeholders who make up a thriving ecosystem of innovation and discovery, Bangladesh’s research environment thrives.Sajid Amit is making a change in the business sector of Bangladesh. Not many people could do it. His vision to change the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh is huge and he is trying his best to make his vision a reality. Many youths are benefiting from him. No doubt he is one of the best-in-class researchers of Bangladesh because of all his efforts.

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